Fabulous Finds – Edgewater Tiles

I was very excited to find these beautiful tiles in Style at Home this month. Made in Vancouver, Canada, Edgewater started with the vision or marrying an industrial waterjet with creative, artistic design. The result – amazing!

edgewatertilemorocco‘Morocco’ – I don’t know what to say about these – they are simply perfect.

I’d love them in a shower with carrara marble and shiny chrome fixtures…



Bull’s eye






I love them as a large scale mural as well – created with a combination of porcelain, ceramic, glass, onyx and marble, they truly are a piece of art. I love it when homes have beautiful, artful pieces built right into them. From decorative mouldings and ceilings to large scale tile mosaics and murals such as these. I really feel they are missing in architecture homes these days.



For more information on these beautiful tiles, go to edgewaterjet.ca

{All images: Edgewater}

P.S. – If anyone is lucky enough to be able to use these in a project, or has a picture of them in a space, let me know! I’d love to see!



2 Responses to “Fabulous Finds – Edgewater Tiles”

  1. Wini Says:

    These tiles with the large geometric patterns are great, esp. the grey tiles with white circles (pic 3).

  2. Jillian Says:

    Oh, these are so fabulous! I have a slight tile addiction. Thanks for posting this!

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