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Playing house

May 6, 2009


After my post on climbing trees, I was delighted to revisit another happy childhood memory when I discovered Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning’s ‘lifesize’ dollhouse at Elle Decoration SA.


Heather created this art installation piece in an old abandoned farm house in the middle of a field in rural Manitoba.


While the farmhouse remains true to its original form, Heather has replaced the back walls of the house with large sheets of plexiglass to give the illusion of an open space – or to allow for a giant hand to reach in and play with lifesize dolls and the furniture. I think it would be fun to have a tea party with inside with fancy china – just like Barbie used to do! (Perhaps not some of the more colourful, soap opera drama story lines my Barbies often acted out…)

dollhouse5One of the trippy things about this space is that, although Heather has used ‘real’ regular-sized furniture, from this context it looks miniature.


Heather currently has an exhibition at Sherwood Village Branch Gallery from May 30 – July 30 2009, featuring Heather’s 12 foot sculptural adaption of a childhood doll that has accompanied her on all her personal travels. Learn more about it and about Heather here and more about the Dollhouse here.

{Photos: Dunlop Art Gallery, Elle Decoration SA, Ohdeedoh}