It’s Monday…

May 4, 2009

phone_selinalakeNow it’s off to work – hope you all have a fabulous day!

{Photo: Selina Lake}


Home Sweet Modern Home

May 4, 2009


There’s nothing I love more than a little real estate browsing – especially high end, luxurious spaces that I have no business looking at as my current budget is more of the caravan variety – but nothing like a little fantasy to add a little fun to your day.

I was so impressed by this clean, modern space by Tocha Design.While I’m usually a fan of more classical architecture – I instantly fell for the calm, cool aethestic and, of course, all the fabulous amenities. Tocha has stated their intention as being  – to create ‘inspired and tranquil livable art’ – clearly Rising Glen has embodied this.


This indoor water feature at the entrance is just stunning – I love the way this home seamlessly blends indoors and out.

tocha4The retractable wall in the kitchen makes every day al fresco…

tocha5This would be the perfect spot for a fabulous outdoor party – I’m picturing a balmy summer evening, lots of candles, cocktails, music and if things get a little crazy, maybe a dip in the pool…

tocha6I have always loved the idea of a quiet, private courtyard off a master bedroom or bathroom. You could enjoy an outdoor, or indoor shower or take a long bath – all while enjoying your favourite flicks on the retractable screen. I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy Mission Impossible in the bath…

tocha7The master bedroom opens out to the swimming pool – and a delicious view (see below).

tocha8Enjoy a relaxing yoga or meditation session in your own private outdoor retreat…

tocha9I’m sure I can think of a few trusty pals who could be counted on to help me clear the wine room – the only problem would be keeping it stocked…


tocha11The perfect spot for dining and entertaining outdoors…


tocha13Ah – la piece de resistance – top it all off with an amazing view of the chaos you leave behind in the glittering city below.

{All photos: Tocha Projects}

Happy weekend!

May 1, 2009


Hope your weekend is filled with adventure!

Here are some lovely links to send you off…

~ An amazing post full of pictures and the story of Lee Radziwill by Cote de Texas

~ Delicious, healthy, vegetarian recipes from Fresh 365

~ ‘My China goes to Chinatown’ – beautiful photography at Lewidoo Fancies


{Photo: J. Crew}

Javier hates the rain…

April 30, 2009


Room of the Week 1.5.09

April 30, 2009

As I write this it’s grey and rainy… makes me wish I were in a room like this.


With a great book and a hot cup of tea.

{Photo: Domino}

Fabulous Finds – Edgewater Tiles

April 30, 2009

I was very excited to find these beautiful tiles in Style at Home this month. Made in Vancouver, Canada, Edgewater started with the vision or marrying an industrial waterjet with creative, artistic design. The result – amazing!

edgewatertilemorocco‘Morocco’ – I don’t know what to say about these – they are simply perfect.

I’d love them in a shower with carrara marble and shiny chrome fixtures…



Bull’s eye






I love them as a large scale mural as well – created with a combination of porcelain, ceramic, glass, onyx and marble, they truly are a piece of art. I love it when homes have beautiful, artful pieces built right into them. From decorative mouldings and ceilings to large scale tile mosaics and murals such as these. I really feel they are missing in architecture homes these days.



For more information on these beautiful tiles, go to

{All images: Edgewater}

P.S. – If anyone is lucky enough to be able to use these in a project, or has a picture of them in a space, let me know! I’d love to see!

House Tour: Supon Phornirunlit of Naked Decor

April 29, 2009

While researching Naked Decor for my post British Invasion, I was excited to find the fabulous creator behind it all – Supon Phornirunlit. Supon is the clever creator of the ‘Live like a Queen’ collection and a amazing accomplished designer in almost every category of design – from print to advertising and corporate identity to product and interior design.

It’s no surprise then that Supon’s space is as bright and creative as he is. Here is Supon’s approach to interior design:

‘Good design is like a good outfit: It has to fit you well.’


I instantly fell in love at the first sight of this beautiful deck. It would be the perfect spot to enjoy a balmy summer evening with a nice cocktail. The deck seems to be a wonderful tribute to Supon’s native Thailand.

suponhome2I love the clean simple lines of this space – Supon’s start in graphic design is evident in his strong clean lines throughout his space – and always starting with a neutral background.


Supon’s home is a mix of beautiful clean lines and graphic design and bright bold colour – with an injection of fun!

‘The Red Kitty’ pillow is from his own collection.

suponhome4Real men aren’t afraid of pink! I love how bright and airy this office space is.


Supon is a big animal lover, after the death of his beloved dog Pica – Supon started his Pooch Decor collection of pet portraits and dog inspired art and accessories. I’d love to get a bright fun portrait of Javier.



I think this room really sums up Supon’s style – white background with a strong mid-century influence; Jonathan Adler lamp and ceramics; bright colourful stripes; his British themed Union Jack and Live like a Queen pillows

– and of course, his dogs!


Definitely quite the puppy pad! – his bedroom is bright and energetic – makes you want to get up and go in the morning!

Funny but often too true, I loved this quote by Supon

‘Creativity is like beauty: If you weren’t born with it, you’ll have to pay for it’.

Find out more about the fun accessories in his home as well as so many others at

{Photos: NakedDecor}

Guest blog: The lovely Camille visits Peru…

April 27, 2009

As we work our way towards the middle of the week, sometimes you just want an escape – my friend Camille recently returned from a trip to visit family in Peru. She’s been kind enough to take show us some of her finds…

“During a recent trip to Lima, I was inspired to take photographs of some of my favourite pieces for my dear friend Sharalee. Sharalee and I hit it off almost immediately after meeting because of our love for beautiful interiors that reflect our childhood homes. Her’s being Zimbabwe and mine being Peru. She encouraged me to share some of these photographs with you.”

“Peruvians artists typically use embroidery techniques and designs that project the ancient cultures of Peru. These pillows punch up any decor!”
“The wood sculpting expertise of the skilful artisan is reflected in beautiful hand carved furniture.”
“This is my favourite place at the Indian Market in Miraflores. You are welcomed by the bright and friendly Peruvian woman who dyes and weaves all of these pieces herself. If you’re lucky, you might even catch her in midst of making a basket. Imagine, a wooden Teak bowl filled with colourful wooven fruit. Or heading off to a summer Sunday afternoon picnic at the park, carrying all of your favoutire treats in a bright beautiful handbag.
The butterflies would look lovely hanging over your front porch. I couldn’t resist and brought a red flower
home which is now sitting in my kitchen window.
I hope that you found these photos insightful, inspiring, and enjoyed
them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you!”
Thanks Camille for sharing your trip – Peru looks so beautiful and I love that bright colour
is deeply ingrained in Peruvian art. Next time I want to come along!

It’s Monday…

April 27, 2009

I did it! After a very, (very!) intensive, and much needed spring cleaning session chez nous yesterday, I thought I’d start the week off right by going for my first run of the season. Oh, there have been oh so many (perfectly legitimate) reasons why I hadn’t started till today, that basically come down to me being lazy. But… no time like the present!

Here’s where I’m off to…


Springtime in High Park is so beautiful that is won’t seem nearly so torturous – except for the running bit…


Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day!


A little bit of weekend humour…

April 24, 2009


… make that evil humour. So terrible – but I killed myself laughing!

Hope you all have a fun weekend!