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Home Sweet Modern Home

May 4, 2009


There’s nothing I love more than a little real estate browsing – especially high end, luxurious spaces that I have no business looking at as my current budget is more of the caravan variety – but nothing like a little fantasy to add a little fun to your day.

I was so impressed by this clean, modern space by Tocha Design.While I’m usually a fan of more classical architecture – I instantly fell for the calm, cool aethestic and, of course, all the fabulous amenities. Tocha has stated their intention as being  – to create ‘inspired and tranquil livable art’ – clearly Rising Glen has embodied this.


This indoor water feature at the entrance is just stunning – I love the way this home seamlessly blends indoors and out.

tocha4The retractable wall in the kitchen makes every day al fresco…

tocha5This would be the perfect spot for a fabulous outdoor party – I’m picturing a balmy summer evening, lots of candles, cocktails, music and if things get a little crazy, maybe a dip in the pool…

tocha6I have always loved the idea of a quiet, private courtyard off a master bedroom or bathroom. You could enjoy an outdoor, or indoor shower or take a long bath – all while enjoying your favourite flicks on the retractable screen. I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy Mission Impossible in the bath…

tocha7The master bedroom opens out to the swimming pool – and a delicious view (see below).

tocha8Enjoy a relaxing yoga or meditation session in your own private outdoor retreat…

tocha9I’m sure I can think of a few trusty pals who could be counted on to help me clear the wine room – the only problem would be keeping it stocked…


tocha11The perfect spot for dining and entertaining outdoors…


tocha13Ah – la piece de resistance – top it all off with an amazing view of the chaos you leave behind in the glittering city below.

{All photos: Tocha Projects}


House Tour: Supon Phornirunlit of Naked Decor

April 29, 2009

While researching Naked Decor for my post British Invasion, I was excited to find the fabulous creator behind it all – Supon Phornirunlit. Supon is the clever creator of the ‘Live like a Queen’ collection and a amazing accomplished designer in almost every category of design – from print to advertising and corporate identity to product and interior design.

It’s no surprise then that Supon’s space is as bright and creative as he is. Here is Supon’s approach to interior design:

‘Good design is like a good outfit: It has to fit you well.’


I instantly fell in love at the first sight of this beautiful deck. It would be the perfect spot to enjoy a balmy summer evening with a nice cocktail. The deck seems to be a wonderful tribute to Supon’s native Thailand.

suponhome2I love the clean simple lines of this space – Supon’s start in graphic design is evident in his strong clean lines throughout his space – and always starting with a neutral background.


Supon’s home is a mix of beautiful clean lines and graphic design and bright bold colour – with an injection of fun!

‘The Red Kitty’ pillow is from his own collection.

suponhome4Real men aren’t afraid of pink! I love how bright and airy this office space is.


Supon is a big animal lover, after the death of his beloved dog Pica – Supon started his Pooch Decor collection of pet portraits and dog inspired art and accessories. I’d love to get a bright fun portrait of Javier.



I think this room really sums up Supon’s style – white background with a strong mid-century influence; Jonathan Adler lamp and ceramics; bright colourful stripes; his British themed Union Jack and Live like a Queen pillows

– and of course, his dogs!


Definitely quite the puppy pad! – his bedroom is bright and energetic – makes you want to get up and go in the morning!

Funny but often too true, I loved this quote by Supon

‘Creativity is like beauty: If you weren’t born with it, you’ll have to pay for it’.

Find out more about the fun accessories in his home as well as so many others at

{Photos: NakedDecor}

A Spring Romance… with Nate Berkus

April 5, 2009


Ah Spring – the perfect time to fall or be in love…  J Crew’s new Spring collection was a sea of gorgeous creamy pastels with shots of colour – just divine. It also brought back memories of when I first fell in love – with Nate Berkus.


The Spring 2004 issue of O at Home magazine featured Nate’s makeover of single mom Jenny Lumet’s apartment. On a side note, Jenny is the writer of  the movie ‘Rachel Getting Married’, which I still haven’t but can’t wait to see.


I fell in love with this beautiful space the second I saw it. The colour palette is perfection and I just love all the beautiful personal touches, that are so artfully displayed.


I love the bright, punchy shots of citrus-y colour in the gorgeous chaise and the orange framed mirror.


I love how Nate used her personal objects – from a charming drawing by her son, to personal heirlooms and family photos. The beautiful clean lines of the Saarinen table balance a tablescape full of lovely personal treasures.


Jenny looks just delighted to see her new space, I would too! I just love her outfit too, she looks like she walked right out of the J Crew Spring shoot. I love the leather handles on this beautiful console, it’s strong black really grounds a space that’s primarily white and very airy. The placement of the black and white family photo is just perfect.


I love the light blue-grey dining chairs – and what better to offset them than a Dior Saddle bag?


I just love the white cabinets with the pale blue interiors – I was just thinking the other day that I would love to do precisely this in my own kitchen, it would go perfectly with my dinnerware. Nate’s palette is continued with the all white dinnerware with some bright, colourful pieces for fun.

This apartment just felt perfect for spring – I love the blue hydrangeas

{Images: J Crew, Nate Berkus, Corbis}

Fabulous spaces – Jessie Randall

March 29, 2009


While feeling rather Domino deprived, I’ve been wanting to go back to some of  my very favourite Domino moments. Hands down, one of my most favourite ones was the lovely Brooklyn home of  designing duo Jessie Randall and Brian Murphy of Loeffler Randall. Having seen their amazing shoes and bag, it’s no surprise that their savvy style would translate into their home.


I love the bright white moulding and accents, and neutral colour scheme. The gorgeous, gilded wallpaper provides peachy pop of colour and a little bit a glamour. The ‘ For Like Ever’  poster sold out shortly after the 2006 article in Domino – get the look at one of my favourite Etsy stores, Made By Girl (while you’re there check out her other amazing prints), or get the original by Village here.


‘Deeply Madly in Love’ by Made By Girl


The desk is of course, West Elm’s Parson Desk, it’s clean, understated profile makes it blend perfectly into any space. The beautiful accessories make it more personal and prevent it from ever looking generic. I love the glass dome and the lovely bud vases filled with full blossoms.

glassdomebirdI love these little Glass Domed Birds from Pier 1 – at only 5 inches tall they would be perfect on a desk (mentally adding it to my wish list…)


The cork lamp base provides a perfect venue for a small rotating display of beautiful, sentimental items –  be it photo booth strips or a beautiful brooch, as seen here, or whatever you like… Make your own cork based lamp with these simple steps by Kate via Design Sponge.


I love the pop of colour from the green Overlapping Squares Chairs from West Elm. I love the gallery wall in the dining room, it give it such a personal, lived-in feeling. Plus, life’s too short – why limit yourself to just one piece of art per space! It’s a perfect place to display personal photos and smaller pieces of art. For Jessie’s very personal touch of a paper sillouette (of yourself, a loved one or a pet), have your own made here.

Love Jessie’s style? Want to copy it in your space, or think you already have? Take some pictures of your space and enter at Elements of Style for a chance to win a copy of the Domino Book of Decorating.

{All photos from Domino September 2006}

Suzanne Dimma – House Tour

March 23, 2009


I have been following Suzanne Dimma’s work through Wish magazine for some time now and, although I’m still disappointed with the folding of Wish at the beginning of this year, I am so excited that she is the new Senior Design Editor for Canadian House and Home magazine.

Suzanne has such a fun, eclectic sense of style with a fresh and very modern. Her spaces are a creative blend of old and new and often reflect her love of travel. Throughout her home, Suzanne displays treasures from her frequent trips to Paris every summer as well as far-flung places such as Bali and Istanbul.


Salon Style Art

Salon Style Art


Photo above:

She has a knack for mixing patterns and fabrics as evidenced by her kilim rugs and suzanis. She has amassed an impressive art collection which is displayed throughout the home including an impressive gallery wall in the main lounge. A favourite source of hers is the Galerie Martine Namy-Caulier in Paris.



Her home with fiance, architect Arriz Hassam is a fantastic blend of their two styles – his, more modern and minimalistic, and hers, a rich blend of fabrics and accessories. The result is a chic, modern space that clearly displays their personalities.


{Except where marked, all photos from Wish Magazine, October ’08}

Outside in – Adrian Hallam House Tour

March 19, 2009

I was thrilled to see the newest issue of South African Elle Decoration. The title of this issue was ‘Feel Good’, and that it did. One of my very favourite parts was architect Adrian Hallam’s Durban home. The home is positioned on a lush slope and is drenched in gorgeous views.


There is hardly any need for furniture or art – the amazing views are so spectacular than all you really need to do is try not to interfere with them.


The simple lines of a Basculant Corbusier chair with the gorgeous backdrop of a jacaranda tree. This tree, when in season, will be covered in lilac coloured blossoms – amazing! To avoid the space looking too stark – the beautiful kilim rug on the floor adds warmth and a softer texture.



Adrian’s wife , Janet Solomon, has an art studio at their home – no doubt she must get so much inspiration from the beautiful view surrounding her. Apparently the jacaranda branches outside are also a playground to several vervet monkeys – how fun!


I almost can’t tell if the kitchen is completely open air – how lovely to be surrounded by nature, and to live in a climate warm enough to do it!


I love this bold, graphic black and white wallpaper – it almost echoes the fans of  the palms outside.


{All photos by Angie Buckland for Elle Decoration South Africa}

Fabulous Style – Sixx Design

March 16, 2009

Husband and wife team Cortney and Robert Novogratz are Sixx Design – funky, fabulous and fearless they have created a look that they have coined ‘Vintage Nouveauxx’ seamlessly combining vintage picks with extreme modernism. The result is no short of amazing. They live in New York with their seven children (the firm was named while there were still six) and have homes across the world. I love their commitment to family life married with a passionate, art and culture filled career. What a creative environment for kids to grow up in.

With projects all over Manhattan including several celebrity homes  (One well known actor allegedly offered $100,000 to stay at their Manhattan home for a summer), and television and book projects in the works, I believe we will be seeing alot more of them in the future and I couldn’t be happier!


I am so impressed with the gorgeous extrerior to their NY home – the perfect blend of traditional and modern.


Never shy of colour, there are vibrant pops throughout the space. I love the modern furniture blended with antiques and the beautiful art!


Their daughters’ bedroom is just dreamy – it reminds me of the bedroom from ‘A Little Princess‘ (wish I had a picture!) – with its gorgeous carved wooden beds. The peony pink is perfect – so very pretty but sophisticated.


Big, bold art is a signature for Sixx Design, the Novogratzs’ have also accumulated an impressive collection that is found throughout their own home.


This room is simply amazing – the high ceiling, the lanterns, the amazing window salvaged from an old church – where to begin?


So fun! – the Novogratz family, and there’s actually been another addition to the family since this photo. Perhaps they’ll have to rename? Sevenn?

sixxdowntown-chicAnd here’s the exciting news – pre-order their book here or get it in stores on April 28.

Find more at Sixx Design.

House Tour – Brett Ratner

March 7, 2009

One of my favourite parts of the March ’09 issue of Elle Decor was the tour of Brett Ratner’s Hollywood home.  His beautifully classic and understated home is a stark contrast to his flashy, fast-paced professional ventures – think Rush Hour series and Prison Break, amongst others. The home, known as Hillhaven Lodge, was originally designed by Hoover Dam architect Gordon B. Kaufmann in 1927, and has a star-studded past – it was the first home purchased by Ingrid Bergman (who called it ‘The Barn’), Richard Quine and Kim Novak (from Hitchcock’s Vertigo), James Caan (The Godfather) and Allan Carr (producer of Grease). The home had fallen into disrepair but Ratner had a strong vision of restoring the home to its original glory. Along with interior designer to the stars, Waldo Fernandez, Ratner has created a space that is masculine but also eclectic and easy-going.

Main Living Area

Main Living Area

Ratner’s space is filled with leather, linen and wood and boasts Danish Modern stools, Windsor chairs and Moroccan rugs as well as an enviable collection of photography including several from masters such as Peter Beard and Helmut Newton.


I love this idea of a large plant as a centrepiece in the living room.






I love the sectional sofa in the bedroom – it really helps to solidify it as the ultimate lounging and relaxing space.

All photos by Firooz Zahedi for Elle Decor.

Style Seekers – Suzanne Boyd

February 24, 2009


Canadian style maven Suzanne Boyd is always glamourous, chic and up to the minute  with a style that’s all her own – her apartment is no different. I was thrilled to find O Magazine’s coverage of her gorgeous New York apartment. With strong African, Caribbean and Canadian (!) influences, the space perfectly sums up her background and the result is as unique as she is.

Living Room

Living Room

Suzanne picked shocking pink as the accent wall colour as an homage to 1930’s couturiere Elsa Schiaparelli who had a penchant for the hibiscus hue.

Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli

Suzanne clearly takes a style cue from Elsa’s bold, unbashed style and strong use of accessories and colour.


The large white logger’s tent floats on a platform to create a space that is separate from the rest of the apartment. I love the idea of a private indoor sanctuary.

Suzanne's Bedroom

Suzanne's Bedroom

Although, admittedly, I find this bedroom a little busy, I love the antiqued zebra bench at the foot of the bed and beautiful carved wood furniture.

Living Room

Living Room

Bright.colourful and no holds barred – the bright West African beaded chairs are a strong statement in an already vibrant space – nothing shy about this room! To make a big statement without spending a load on wallpaper, just paint stripes for the same effect.

Chinoiserie panels as the entrance to the kitchen

Chinoiserie panels as the entrance to the kitchen

I love this creative barrier between the main living space the the kitchen. Get the look with panels, hit up the local China town. Already have a divider? Spruce it up with stencils from The Stencil Library, or beautiful framed japanese paper. If you’re in the area, go to The Paper Place at 887 Queen Str W., in Toronto – one of my favourite stores in the city. I could spend hours (and hundreds!) there.

British West Indian folk art

British West Indian folk art

I love this cheerful little painting – a gift from her father is speaks to Suzanne’s Caribbean background. I love the idea of collecting art on your travels as the ultimate souvenir and a beautiful reminder of a wonderful time.

All images from O at Home Magazine, 2008

Loft-y dreams

February 18, 2009

I am head over heels for this beautiful loft. So far, it’s my all-time favourite. It should be no surprise that the creator of Dwell Studio, Christiane Lemieux would have a stylish space, but I was so impressed with this space. In fact, if I could convince her to move out, I’d move right in tomorrow!

Christiane's Loft from the Domino Magazine Spread

Christiane's Loft from the Domino Magazine Spread


Above: Love the antique wooden mortar by the fireplace!



Images from Domino Magazine Oct 2008

Entryway to Loft

Entryway to Loft

Living Etc

Photo: Living Etc

Living Etc

Photo: Living Etc

Living Etc

Photo: Living Etc

Living Etc

Photo: Living Etc