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Playing house

May 6, 2009


After my post on climbing trees, I was delighted to revisit another happy childhood memory when I discovered Saskatchewan artist Heather Benning’s ‘lifesize’ dollhouse at Elle Decoration SA.


Heather created this art installation piece in an old abandoned farm house in the middle of a field in rural Manitoba.


While the farmhouse remains true to its original form, Heather has replaced the back walls of the house with large sheets of plexiglass to give the illusion of an open space – or to allow for a giant hand to reach in and play with lifesize dolls and the furniture. I think it would be fun to have a tea party with inside with fancy china – just like Barbie used to do! (Perhaps not some of the more colourful, soap opera drama story lines my Barbies often acted out…)

dollhouse5One of the trippy things about this space is that, although Heather has used ‘real’ regular-sized furniture, from this context it looks miniature.


Heather currently has an exhibition at Sherwood Village Branch Gallery from May 30 – July 30 2009, featuring Heather’s 12 foot sculptural adaption of a childhood doll that has accompanied her on all her personal travels. Learn more about it and about Heather here and more about the Dollhouse here.

{Photos: Dunlop Art Gallery, Elle Decoration SA, Ohdeedoh}


It’s a circus out there…

April 8, 2009

How about a little mid-week fun?

Sometimes life, and even decor can be a little too serious – why not add a much needed sense of humour to your space with a some circus inspired tricks and games!


Lights, camera, action! A theatrical tripod lamps sets the stage for some drama…


Hats off to the Big Top! – I love this whimsical display of bowlers and the comedy vases, complete with a yellow unicycle. (Mind you, all jokes would be on me if I tried to ride the unicycle…)

circusshowgirl1Show off your inner show girl with dressing space made for a Big Top diva – I love this bright, frilly petticoat.

circustrapeze‘He’d fly through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze’… fantastic circus inspired wallpaper.

How about a topsy-turvy tea party – with this service set you won’t know if you’re coming or going…

{All above photos from LivingEtc}

Now for my favourite part … I love these whimsical cut out prints! – they make me smile just to see them. Karl Johnson is the amazing silhouette artist.

elephant_tightropelg1Each of these amazing prints were originally hand cut out of archival art paper using surgical scissors – the detail on these is absolutely exquisite! – and only $25 a print!

giraffelgInitially I thought of these as a great gift for a child’s bedroom – but what room wouldn’t gain a much needed sense of fun from these? I can totally see the hippo in the bathroom…

brushing_hippo_1lgSo go on – have a little fun today!

{Pictures from}

Tip Top Taler – beautiful tiles by Xenia Taler

April 1, 2009


Xenia Taler‘s beautiful tiles are the perfect remedy for the ceramic duldrums. Bright, cheerful and full of imagination no doubt they would be the focal point of an space you put them in. Xenia and partner Steven Koblinsky work together to create these beauties with Xenia designing the tiles and Steven creating the clay and glazes.


I believe that what makes these tiles so extra special is their philosophy behind their product. Their mission is to create beautiful pieces of art that make you smile and that have the quality and longevity to be treasured and handed down for years to come…


Not in need of a renovation? They make wall hanging tiles that come with grooves for hanging as well as cork on the bottom and are suited to withstand heat so you can use them as coasters and trivets.

dominoxenia1I’m not the only one who was taken with Xenia – here she is in Domino’s very first issue!


Xenia and Steve create their brand of magic from their Toronto studio but  you can find their products at retailers across the United States and online as well. Intrigued? Check out more beautiful creations at their website – one of their tiles would be the perfect way to ‘spring up’ your space!

{all images from Xenia Taler}

Just lovely…

March 26, 2009






Some lovely images by Tim Evan Cook.  A beautiful way to start the day.

If you live in Toronto and have thoughts of taking ballet lessons again, or for the first time, check out Canada’s National Ballet School’s adult classes. I’d love to start in September!

Francine Turk

March 17, 2009

I often find while watching movies that I’m almost distracted by the movie set.  Sometimes I have re-watched movies just to have another look at the amazing decor and take mental notes. Definitely one such movie is ‘The Breakup’, in addition to Jennifer Aniston’s amazingly chic wardrobe their apartment is full of beautiful character and amazing art. A little investigation found that the artist is Francine Turk known mainly for her charcoal figural work seen throughout the movie set.

Bedroom from set of 'The Breakup'

Bedroom from set of 'The Breakup'

Bedroom set from 'The Breakup'

Bedroom set from 'The Breakup'

Francine has a working and studio gallery in Chicago, open by appointment to the public to meet with Francine and view her works in progress. She also has partnered with designer showrooms for Holly Hunt and Neidermeier.

Figure in charcoal by Francine Turk

Figure in charcoal by Francine Turk

One of these would be perfect for a bedroom.

Francine's art used in Showcase House by Gail Plechaty

Francine's art used in Showcase House by Gail Plechaty

from Traditional Home, May 2008

Be sure to see her installations at her website – gorgeous!