The Big Move…


Right now I’m virtually packing up my things and getting ready for a move…

A Life More Fabulous is undergoing a move and a facelift and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

While I update my page, I will also be updating my blogroll and contacts, please let me know if you’d like to exchange links.




3 Responses to “The Big Move…”

  1. Parusha aka Lewidoo Says:

    Sounds exciting! I’d love to exchange links! If you’re interested? And I look forward to seeing your home improvements! I’m in the process of making my blog a better place to visit too, so hopefully you’ll see some changes there too x

  2. rochelle Says:

    love you site (stopping by from BYW – finally) can’t wait to see the new layout…exciting!
    Also, adding you to my blogroll now…best. -R

  3. sarah Says:

    I like your blog as is…..but then i am a girl who is resistant to change…..husband moving furniture around my house as I write and I am scowling!!!!!!!!! I would love to exchange links, that would be great. I am sure your new look will be very lovely too!!

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