Home Sweet Modern Home


There’s nothing I love more than a little real estate browsing – especially high end, luxurious spaces that I have no business looking at as my current budget is more of the caravan variety – but nothing like a little fantasy to add a little fun to your day.

I was so impressed by this clean, modern space by Tocha Design.While I’m usually a fan of more classical architecture – I instantly fell for the calm, cool aethestic and, of course, all the fabulous amenities. Tocha has stated their intention as being  – to create ‘inspired and tranquil livable art’ – clearly Rising Glen has embodied this.


This indoor water feature at the entrance is just stunning – I love the way this home seamlessly blends indoors and out.

tocha4The retractable wall in the kitchen makes every day al fresco…

tocha5This would be the perfect spot for a fabulous outdoor party – I’m picturing a balmy summer evening, lots of candles, cocktails, music and if things get a little crazy, maybe a dip in the pool…

tocha6I have always loved the idea of a quiet, private courtyard off a master bedroom or bathroom. You could enjoy an outdoor, or indoor shower or take a long bath – all while enjoying your favourite flicks on the retractable screen. I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy Mission Impossible in the bath…

tocha7The master bedroom opens out to the swimming pool – and a delicious view (see below).

tocha8Enjoy a relaxing yoga or meditation session in your own private outdoor retreat…

tocha9I’m sure I can think of a few trusty pals who could be counted on to help me clear the wine room – the only problem would be keeping it stocked…


tocha11The perfect spot for dining and entertaining outdoors…


tocha13Ah – la piece de resistance – top it all off with an amazing view of the chaos you leave behind in the glittering city below.

{All photos: Tocha Projects}


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3 Responses to “Home Sweet Modern Home”

  1. fresh365 Says:

    I just love modern homes, maybe someday I will have my own! Great post! PS: thanks for the link below- what a nice surprise!

  2. designfabulous Says:

    I really love this house. I love floor length doors that open up all the way to the outdoors. It makes the house feel gigantic as if the outside was part of the house. I just found your blog and am loving it. Added you to me blogroll, keep up the good work!

  3. alifemorefabulous Says:

    Thank you so much – I really appreciate it! I am currently updating my page and blogroll – I will be sure to include you and let you know. 🙂

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