It’s Monday…

I did it! After a very, (very!) intensive, and much needed spring cleaning session chez nous yesterday, I thought I’d start the week off right by going for my first run of the season. Oh, there have been oh so many (perfectly legitimate) reasons why I hadn’t started till today, that basically come down to me being lazy. But… no time like the present!

Here’s where I’m off to…


Springtime in High Park is so beautiful that is won’t seem nearly so torturous – except for the running bit…


Hope you’re enjoying a lovely day!



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5 Responses to “It’s Monday…”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I think I might take up running if my feet were hitting the pavement in such a pretty place. Might.

    • alifemorefabulous Says:

      I wish you were closer we could go out running together! … and then park ourselves on the bench!

  2. suee Says:

    so beautiful!! i wanna run, cycle and picnic there! 😀 i can never get these kinda sights in warm and sunny Malaysia…

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Oh so lovely!!

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