Guest blog: The lovely Camille visits Peru…

As we work our way towards the middle of the week, sometimes you just want an escape – my friend Camille recently returned from a trip to visit family in Peru. She’s been kind enough to take show us some of her finds…

“During a recent trip to Lima, I was inspired to take photographs of some of my favourite pieces for my dear friend Sharalee. Sharalee and I hit it off almost immediately after meeting because of our love for beautiful interiors that reflect our childhood homes. Her’s being Zimbabwe and mine being Peru. She encouraged me to share some of these photographs with you.”

“Peruvians artists typically use embroidery techniques and designs that project the ancient cultures of Peru. These pillows punch up any decor!”
“The wood sculpting expertise of the skilful artisan is reflected in beautiful hand carved furniture.”
“This is my favourite place at the Indian Market in Miraflores. You are welcomed by the bright and friendly Peruvian woman who dyes and weaves all of these pieces herself. If you’re lucky, you might even catch her in midst of making a basket. Imagine, a wooden Teak bowl filled with colourful wooven fruit. Or heading off to a summer Sunday afternoon picnic at the park, carrying all of your favoutire treats in a bright beautiful handbag.
The butterflies would look lovely hanging over your front porch. I couldn’t resist and brought a red flower
home which is now sitting in my kitchen window.
I hope that you found these photos insightful, inspiring, and enjoyed
them as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you!”
Thanks Camille for sharing your trip – Peru looks so beautiful and I love that bright colour
is deeply ingrained in Peruvian art. Next time I want to come along!


2 Responses to “Guest blog: The lovely Camille visits Peru…”

  1. fresh365 Says:

    So wonderful and colorful! Makes me smile 🙂

  2. Andrew Says:

    Love the post Camille!! The pillows are probably my favorite. And the woven baskets and mats remind me of African ones, except way more colorful…

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