A Spring Romance… with Nate Berkus


Ah Spring – the perfect time to fall or be in love…  J Crew’s new Spring collection was a sea of gorgeous creamy pastels with shots of colour – just divine. It also brought back memories of when I first fell in love – with Nate Berkus.


The Spring 2004 issue of O at Home magazine featured Nate’s makeover of single mom Jenny Lumet’s apartment. On a side note, Jenny is the writer of  the movie ‘Rachel Getting Married’, which I still haven’t but can’t wait to see.


I fell in love with this beautiful space the second I saw it. The colour palette is perfection and I just love all the beautiful personal touches, that are so artfully displayed.


I love the bright, punchy shots of citrus-y colour in the gorgeous chaise and the orange framed mirror.


I love how Nate used her personal objects – from a charming drawing by her son, to personal heirlooms and family photos. The beautiful clean lines of the Saarinen table balance a tablescape full of lovely personal treasures.


Jenny looks just delighted to see her new space, I would too! I just love her outfit too, she looks like she walked right out of the J Crew Spring shoot. I love the leather handles on this beautiful console, it’s strong black really grounds a space that’s primarily white and very airy. The placement of the black and white family photo is just perfect.


I love the light blue-grey dining chairs – and what better to offset them than a Dior Saddle bag?


I just love the white cabinets with the pale blue interiors – I was just thinking the other day that I would love to do precisely this in my own kitchen, it would go perfectly with my dinnerware. Nate’s palette is continued with the all white dinnerware with some bright, colourful pieces for fun.

This apartment just felt perfect for spring – I love the blue hydrangeas

{Images: J Crew, Nate Berkus, Corbis}


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2 Responses to “A Spring Romance… with Nate Berkus”

  1. Camille Says:

    I love Jenny’s shoes! (and you definitely have to see the movie)
    Nat is one of my favs as well. Your blogs on spring-inspired pieces make me very excited for the weather to change!

  2. Vanessa Says:

    I know her she came to my school many times she’s very cool

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