What might have been…

Mock-up of the proposed cover for April 2009

Mock-up of the proposed cover for April 2009

After a month without receiving my favourite magazine in the post, I was excited to see the proposed cover of Domino for April 2009 at Style Court. It features up and coming designer Sara Gilbane. Sara has an uncanny knack for combining antiques with personal treasures for a look that’s both traditional and completely fresh.


Sara’s extraordinary style and portfolio should come as now surprise, having worked for five years with acclaimed design firm Kemble Interiors. Unafraid of colour, she fearlessly combines colours and patterns to create spaces that are exquisite, yet very liveable.


With my own Zimbabwean upbringing, it’s no surprise I love British colonial style and antiques. The beautiful leather chair (below, left) reminds me of a traditional campaign chair used on expeditions and safaris. I love it’s traditional style juxtaposed with the bright blue writing desk.

The bedroom (below, right) is just too pretty – I love the florals mixed in the bright, fresh space.



There are far too many gorgeous images to include from Sara’s portfolio which you can find at her site. Be sure to check it out, no doubt we’ll be seeing much more of her savvy style.


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One Response to “What might have been…”

  1. Shannon Says:

    The first room in this post is my favourite so far on here! Absolutely gorgeous!

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