Valentino: The Last Emperor


Valentino – his are some of the most beautiful creations to grace the human form. You can hardly call them dresses or clothing – they truly are works of art. If I could own one couture gown it would be a Valentino!

Valentino: The Last Emperor focuses on Valentino during the last two years of his career. It goes behind the scenes at the creation of his beautiful hand-made gowns. I think that much of what makes his dresses so special is his special ability to bring together inspired creativity with a strong understanding of the female form, in all the shapes it takes.

“For me, one of the most important things is proportion,” he says. “I look very carefully [at] all the detail of the human body of the woman.”


Click here to view a video of Valentino at work at on


He really pays attention to the personality of the person he is designing for and their unique form, which is why his looks are also such a perfect fit.

valentinokatehudsonKate Hudson is the Queen of Boho Chic in this.

valentinohalleberry2005This gorgeous gown is a perfect fit for Halle Berry’s curves.

The film also delves into Valentino’s personal life – beyond the glamourous parties and shows, you see his relationship with his partner in life/love/business of 45 years Giancarlo Giammetti.  On Valentino, he says:”To be with Valentino as a friend, as a lover, as an employee is a bit insane. You need a lot of patience.” But it looks like they both enjoy the beautiful things in life from their boat to their homes, parties and not to forget, their five pugs.


Click here to watch the preview.



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