Fabulous Style – Sixx Design

Husband and wife team Cortney and Robert Novogratz are Sixx Design – funky, fabulous and fearless they have created a look that they have coined ‘Vintage Nouveauxx’ seamlessly combining vintage picks with extreme modernism. The result is no short of amazing. They live in New York with their seven children (the firm was named while there were still six) and have homes across the world. I love their commitment to family life married with a passionate, art and culture filled career. What a creative environment for kids to grow up in.

With projects all over Manhattan including several celebrity homes  (One well known actor allegedly offered $100,000 to stay at their Manhattan home for a summer), and television and book projects in the works, I believe we will be seeing alot more of them in the future and I couldn’t be happier!


I am so impressed with the gorgeous extrerior to their NY home – the perfect blend of traditional and modern.


Never shy of colour, there are vibrant pops throughout the space. I love the modern furniture blended with antiques and the beautiful art!


Their daughters’ bedroom is just dreamy – it reminds me of the bedroom from ‘A Little Princess‘ (wish I had a picture!) – with its gorgeous carved wooden beds. The peony pink is perfect – so very pretty but sophisticated.


Big, bold art is a signature for Sixx Design, the Novogratzs’ have also accumulated an impressive collection that is found throughout their own home.


This room is simply amazing – the high ceiling, the lanterns, the amazing window salvaged from an old church – where to begin?


So fun! – the Novogratz family, and there’s actually been another addition to the family since this photo. Perhaps they’ll have to rename? Sevenn?

sixxdowntown-chicAnd here’s the exciting news – pre-order their book here or get it in stores on April 28.

Find more at Sixx Design.


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3 Responses to “Fabulous Style – Sixx Design”

  1. drew006 Says:

    the exterior of the New York home is really cool. Do you have any idea where in New York that is? Is it safe? Very smart with nice clean lines though…I like!

    • alifemorefabulous Says:

      The apartment is ‘one block from Little Italy and Chinatown and two blocks from Nolita and SoHo’ – it sounds like they have done alot to revamp their current neighbourhood for more info check out this article from the New York Daily News

  2. drew006 Says:

    Thanks ill check it out. wow i didn’t realize the basketball court was on top of the apartment.!!

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