Perfect Pick for Spring – Flower Sense by Tricia Guild


Spring is slowly coming, and after a long winter I couldn’t be happier! What better to welcome the warmer weather than bright flowers and a splash of colour? Designer Tricia Guild has never been a shrinking violet, her bold use of colour and pattern wholly inhabit her designs. In her 14th book, Patricia focuses on one of her greatest sources of inspiration (and mine) – flowers.


Flowers do not need to be displayed in elaborate arrangements to be seen at their best. On the contrary, just a few blooms, well chosen and thoughtfully placed, have the power to change the balance of an interior, to create different moods and delight the spirit.”

Tricia Guild in her book, Flowers




For more information on Tricia’s inspirational work, visit her site at

or pick up one of her lovely books here 



All photos from and from a lovely new blog I just discovered, The Deco Detective – check it out!


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One Response to “Perfect Pick for Spring – Flower Sense by Tricia Guild”

  1. The Deco Detective Says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for the link love! You’ve got a pretty nice blog yourself=) I’m soon going to post a “thank you”-entry about the blogs that have been kind enough to write about The Deco Detective – I’ll let you know when it’s out.
    Have great Friday!


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