Sanna Annukka for Marimekko


I was excited to see Sanna Annukka’s new designs for Marimekko. Sanna created this series to illustrate the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala.


Kanteleen Kutsu fabric in black and white.

The Kanteleen kutsu fabric depicts forest animals that have, enchanted, gathered to hear the joyful tunes played on the kantele, a plucked string instrument, by Väinämöinen, the main character of the Kalevala. Väinämöinen had made his instrument from the jawbone of a giant pike.

This print also comes in other kitchen items such as trays and tea towels.

Kanteleen kutsu tray

Kanteleen kutsu tray

Kanteleen kutsu tea towels

Kanteleen kutsu tea towels

I love this whimsical print for a children’s bedroom!

Ihmemaa fabric

Ihmemaa fabric

The Ihmemaa art print, sold by the repeat, shows the landscape of Kaleva, the Land of Heroes, and Lake Alue, in whose depths a whitefish has swallowed fire fallen from the heavens.

True to Marimekko form the prints are vibrant, fun and make you happy to look at!

For more information on Sanna Annukka’s work as well as other designers, go to


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