Office Space – Mary McDonald

I am currently trying to carve out a little home office nook and have been digging through all my archives of favourite office spaces. Of course my mind immediately goes to Mary McDonald’s fabulous office space. Let’s have a quick re-cap, shall we?

marymcdonaldoffice11Black and white and tiffany blue – what’s a girl not to love! It would be hard not to be inspired by this beautiful space!  Mary framed pictures she found in books in magazines to form the collage you see behind the desk.


I think I stared completely gobsmacked the first time I saw this photo. Ebonized wood, white Phillipe Starke ghost chair and those gorgeous curtains!! Too much! – the curtains were appliqued by a seamstress, I’m dying to try this myself.


That Mary is so clever! She used ceiling medalions (you can find them at a hardware store) and black ribbon to add detail to the gallery of white framed photos going up the stairs. marymcdonaldoffice31Strong black and white horizontal stripes add dramatic flair – and are easy to do – just use paint!


Mary kept it simple, using the same theme throughout the space for a cohesive look.

P.S. Mary – I love that you wore pink for your photoshoot – you were the perfect accessory for your space.


Keeping it crafty! Not wanting a bland, industrial looking file cabinet, Mary found an image she loved and photocopied it – then pasted it on the cabinet for a very cool, custom effect. You could do the same with any beautiful wallpaper or even wrapping paper.

For more on Mary and her stylish ways – check out her site.

All photos from Domino magazine Jan/Feb 2006.


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2 Responses to “Office Space – Mary McDonald”

  1. Melissa Says:


    You are absolutely fabulous! I love the collection you are creating!

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