Book Report – Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision on Design by Vicente Wolf

Talk about Decor Amour! I love Vicente Wolf’s eclectic stylish spaces. He really defines what it means to bring the world home. His gorgeous spaces are inspired by his travels around the world from Papua New Guinea, to Africa, to Paris.

Vicente Wolf

Vicente Wolf

Simple, modern, beautiful!

Simple, modern, beautiful!


I love Vicente’s creative use of art throughout the space. From resting them on equally stylish chairs, to leaning art on ledges and shelves. Vicente’s philosophy “When you lean art on a ledge it gives you the freedom to move it around and appreciate pieces in different areas and lights. You stop seeing art when it’s been in the same place for too long.”

Another important theme of Vicente’s is nature – it’s clearly a part of each space, whether through plants, flowers or organic material such as branches.

I love this juxtapose of old and new, vintage and modern, black and white… fabulous!

Doesn’t this nook just invite casual conversation?

Seriously sexy bathroom! (below)


For more on Vicente’s favourite sources and inspirations click here for a video. Or go to his website
Pick up Crossing Boundaries here



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2 Responses to “Book Report – Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision on Design by Vicente Wolf”

  1. Vicente Wolf Associates Says:

    Thank you for the kind post! What a great blog.

    • alifemorefabulous Says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am thrilled that you took the time to visit my blog. It made my day!

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